Mother's Gold FAQ Why Liquid Extracts?

Galactic Gold Herbal Products is pleased to provide you with many high quality products.  Mother's Gold,  is designed to enhance a mother’s milk supply, calm nerves and support overall health.

Although Mother's Gold has been used by many mothers for over 16 years, it contains herbs that have been used by breastfeeding women, suffering with a low milk supply, for thousands of years.  Many women throughout the world, continue to use herbal galactagogues to increase their milk production safely and effectively without the worries of dangerous side affects that come with the use of drugs. 

Mother's Gold contains only high quality organic and wild crafted ingredients: Fenugreek, Marshmallow Root, Shatavari, Blessed Thistle, Fennel and Plantain. Throughout the world--from India to China, from Europe to South America--the herbal tradition of these herbs runs deep. 

Our vision and mission is to inspire, empower and support women  so they can breastfeed their babies successfully.  Mother's Gold is our contribution towards this end. 

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