Mother's Gold FAQ

Many women have found Mother's Gold to be very helpful herbal blend to support them while breastfeeding.  The most frequently asked questions are:

Question: How soon before I can expect to see results?

Answer: This really varies from woman to woman.  Some women see results within 6 hours.  Others, may see results within 24-48 hours.  Within a 1-2 week's time however, you will know if it's working.  If you happen to be pumping, you may notice a thicker layer of fat on top of your milk, compared to usual.  Mother's Gold can increase the fat content of your milk.  This is a good thing, as this can satisfy your baby more.

Question: How do I take it?

Answer: Take straight or in juice or water.  

Question: How much should I take?

Answer: Most women find that 1 teaspoon taken4 times a day is all it takes.  Because each person's biochemical makeup is different, pay attention to your body.  Take more or less, if you think you need to.

Question: Will I have to take this as long as I'm nursing?

Answer: It depends on the reason that is causing your milk supply to be low.  If it's a temporary problem, then take Mother's Gold temporarily until the problem is solved.  If you have an ongoing problem that is causing you to have a lower than needed milk supply, then take Mother's Gold for as long as you need to. 

Question: How does it taste?

Answer: Mothers have reported that this is the best tasting herbal galactagogue that they have ever tasted.  Since it is in a glycerin/honey base it is sweet and since this is an herbal product it has an herbal, earthy taste.  If the taste bothers you, mix it with juice.  

Question: I have never been pregnant, but I am planning on adopting a baby.  I would like to nurse my new baby.  Can Mother's Gold help me develop a milk supply?

Answer: Yes. Women adopting babies have taken Mother's Gold and have been successfull in producing breast milk (when used in conjunction with a pumping program).  Breast milk quantities vary.  Working with an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant or a La Leche League Leader, may prove to be helpful.  They will provide you with guidance as you embark on this journey with your new baby.

Question: Can I take Mother's Gold while pregnant?

Answer: No.  This is not recommended.  Wait until your baby is born to take Mother's Gold.