Mother's Gold for Twins!

Article written by Sandy Nelson, mother of one plus two!

Got milk?  I didn’t, or let’s just say I didn’t have enough.  I was a brand-new mom of twins—identical boys (8 lbs. 2 oz. and 7 lbs. 2 oz.).  I already had a four-year-old, but I was definitely new at the twin stuff.  One thing I was not new to, however, was breastfeeding. 

As a teenager, I never liked the idea of breastfeeding.  It just sounded a little strange to me.  However, as others shared with me the numerous benefits of mother’s milk, I was convinced it was what I wanted to do when I had children. 

And do it, I did—but not without experiencing a number of problems.  With my first baby, my nipples hurt so badly I almost gave up nursing.  The onset of mastitis was even more troubling.  But then, providentially, a very qualified nurse helped me change the nursing position of my baby.  From then on, it just became more and more pleasurable to breastfeed my son.  What’s more, he rarely got sick.  Finally, when my son was two, he decided he was done with mommy’s milk; and so my first breastfeeding experience ended.

When I found out I was expecting twins, I was even more convicted than ever that I wanted to breastfeed—both of them!  I knew that breastfeeding twins would take a lot more time and be a lot more challenging, but I was up for the challenge.  At least I thought so.  I read what I could about twins and then just waited for the big day.

Initially, I had some of the same problems as with my first son:  sore nipples and mastitis.  But then I found a new problem.  I didn’t have enough milk!  And, oh, how traumatic this was for me!

My babies would nurse fine sometimes (when, I suppose, I had plenty of milk); other times they would nurse, pull off, and cry.  My lack of sufficient milk made it painful to nurse.  But most of all, my lack of milk made me hurt for my hungry babies,

“Just keep nursing,” the professionals told me.  “It’s a matter of supply and demand.”  I tried the best I could, but I was just getting more and more sore.  I spent quite a bit of time on the Internet researching—trying to understand why I was not making enough milk.  I was eating well, getting as much rest as I could, drinking plenty of liquids, and so on.  But somehow it wasn’t good enough.

Finally my lactation consultant told me, “Try M.&B.-A (a Pure Herbs herbal tincture); it’s good stuff.”  Little did I know that this “blessed” liquid was the solution to my problem of insufficient milk supply.

It didn’t happen all at once.  I still had my ups and downs.  However, as I compared the amount of the herbs I took with how much milk I seemed to produce, the results were outstanding.  When I took M.&B.-A, I had milk!!!

I can imagine some of you questioning if M.&B.-A really made the difference or if it were just a placebo effect.  I, too, questioned it for a time until I made a couple of experiences that completely convinced me of its worth.

For example, I tried cutting back on it—thinking to save a bit of money.  Almost within hours, my babies told me the truth, “There is not enough milk for both of us!”  Another time, I made two doses of barley water (which is how I usually take my herbs) but added only one dose of herbs.  And I did it accidentally!  I couldn’t figure out why, later on in the day, my babies were back to nursing, pulling off, and crying again.  Then what I had done hit me.  The truth for me was undeniable:  I needed M.&B.-A to help my body make enough milk for my babies!

Today, breastfeeding has become one of the most enjoyable parts of my day.  My baby fusses, I hook him up, he nurses, and then he has the most wonderful contented look on his face.  He’s satisfied, and so am I!  The dribble of milk down his cheek makes me thank God for M.&B.-A!