Mother's Gold for Dogs?

Yes!! Someone approached me a few weeks ago and shared with me a very hear-warming story about how Mother's Gold saved two of her puppie's lives. Her dog could not make enough milk for the entire litter, and two of the puppies had died. The other two were so small and weak. Her children were crying.  They could not  bear the thought of these sweet little puppies dying. Out of desperation, she gave the mother dog 20 drops of Mother's Gold in her water, three times a day. Yes, you guessed it! Both puppies are alive today; beautiful, chubby and playful. Here is Juana's story in her own words:

I have a female dog name Frida and she has had babies before. Last February, she had 4 puppies and I noticed that the puppies were crying because Frida didn’t have any milk to feed them. I decided to buy the puppies formula and a bottle to feed them, but they didn’t like the milk and unfortunately, two of the puppies died. After that, I saw that the other two puppies looked sick. I remembered that we sold Mother's Gold and I heard from customers that it helps mothers produce more milk. So I decided to give Mother's Gold to my dog Frida. After the second day, I noticed that Frida started having a lot of milk and the puppies were eating a lot. Thankfully, this product helped my dog, otherwise my other two puppies would have died.

 Here's a picture of one of the puppies nursing.