"I was ready to take medication, but..."

"I'm a working mother with an 8 month old baby who LOVES her solids.  She became too distracted to nurse during the day, so I began to co-sleep with her, where she seemed to develop a habit of nursing "all night long".  I noticed overtime that she slept less and less and was less satiated after a very slow letdown and very little milk available to her.  Her head would get really hot because she was working so hard for so little milk.  I felt horrible.  I took 2 or 3 different versions of fenugreek type supplements but I still wasn't getting the results.  During the days I am working I noticed I would pump for 45 minutes only to get 1-3 ounces, where as in the past it would be between 3-5 ounces after 20 minutes.  I was so stressed.  I finally decided that I needed some sort of prescription medication so I called the doctor.  But my Kaiser lactation consultant convinced me to try mother's gold.  She told me about Amelia, being a very well respected herbal master in the community and how effective mother's gold was.  I was desperate so I went and bought a couple of bottles.  I was shocked.  The bottles arrived the next day.  I took my first teaspoon and within 3-4 hours I felt my breasts fill up.  I can't believe this natural remedy can yield such instant results.   Not only did my milk production go up, my letdown was much faster too.  I am no longer stressed and my baby is again satisfied."  Written by Ingrid Yen, Lafayette, California.