Mother's Gold helps mother of six!

I am a stay home mother of 6 and I have always desired to nurse my newborns for as long as possible. Unfortunately, I have only been able to nurse for 2-4 months due to a low, and eventually diminishing, milk supply. I struggled and fought to increase my breast milk. I worked with two different lactation consultants and tried everything from Fenugreek, to mother's teas, to pumping in addition to nursing, and nothing worked. My babies would nurse every hour because they were so hungry and dissatisfied. After years of this, I accepted the low milk supply issues and just switched our children to formula as soon as I felt it was best for them.

I was planning to put our 2 month old onto the bottle when I called Kaiser for some advice. The nurse mentioned a lady who had the same problems, but used some herbal drops to increase her milk supply. The nurse suggested I try the Mother's Gold drops before putting my son on the bottle. I immediately went online and found Amelia's website, where I was able to locate several stores close by. I purchased a bottle that week and tried the product with some apple juice. Within a few doses, my milk started to come in and I was shocked to see and feel the product work so quickly! I felt the let down of the milk and heard my son swallowing with every suck. After 6 children and 16 years later, I finally found a product that helped me!!!