Postpartum Energy

Build Your Blood!  
In the morning, drink 1 cup of hot water with 1 Tablespoon of Blackstrap Molasses (no other type will do!). Blackstrap Molasses is high in iron – essential nutrient for the postpartum mother. 

Go Green! 
Chlorophyll – great blood builder, gentle cleanser and rich in nutrients. Make 1-2 Green Drinks a day. Here are some options. Choose whichever one fits your lifestyle. Or, choose a combination to avoid boredom. 

  • Green Smoothie – Pack your blender with fresh organic green leafy vegetables (i.e. Spinach, Chard, Kale, Romaine Lettuce, etc.) with a banana and other types of fruits (mango, berries, peaches, pears, etc.). Add water and blend. Enjoy!
  • Green Drink – Blend a handful of organic green leafy vegetables in 8 ounces of spring water. Blend; strain and drink!
  • Lean Greens– 1 scoop in water, juice or fruit smoothie. That’s it! For more information go to  

Increase Your Energy With Bee Products!
Bee Pollen, Royal Jelly, Bee Propolis are all great!  Bee products nourish your adrenal glands (the glands that are responsible for getting you through stressful times!) and give you energy naturally! They also strengthen your immune system. For more information go to

Nourish Your Hair, Skin and Nails with Organic Minerals!
A.C.S. – This blend contains all of the 13 organic tissue salts, which are found in the body. This blend contains (Atlantic Kelp, Bladderwrack, Arrowroot and Irish Moss). Helps replenish minerals in your body needed for hair and nail growth. For more information go to

You don’t need to “drink milk” to “make milk!”
Many infants will develop symptoms associated with dairy protein sensitivity such as crying, colic and rashes. The dairy proteins are transferred to the infant via the mother’s breast milk. A plant- based diet is rich in nutrients and will help you feel great! Include calcium-rich foods in your diet such as tofu, milk substitutes (i.e. almond, hemp, soy milks), almonds, sesame seeds, green leafy vegetables, etc.

Avoid junk food!
Junk food gives you a lot of extra Calories and limited nutrients. These foods will sap your energy! Instead, eat fruits, vegetables, grains, beans, nuts and seeds.

Catch Your Zzzzzs!
Take a nap when your baby naps! Resist the temptation to do a million things while your baby is sleeping. As your baby gets older, you will be able to do more. Don’t push yourself!  

Get outside daily!
 Fresh air and sunshine are critical for your physical and mental health. Yes, even in the rain and the snow. Like the Norwegians say: "There is no such thing as bad weather; just bad clothing!"

Be Healthy! Enjoy Your Baby!