Mother's Gold: A True Story

I tried everything!  I changed my diet, tried different professionals to diagnose the problem - nobody/nothing seemed to help.  I was in despair and my mind was numb trying to figure out why he was in so much pain and how to get my milk back in.  One lactation consultant finally made mention of Mother's Gold, which is how we were led to you.  I still remember the day I contacted you - where I was sitting, how I was holding my son in my arms, tears streaming down my's still so clear, especially your response to my call.  You were so caring and kind; so generous with your time.

Today, my son is a little over two years old and he is doing so amazingly well.  It took him a while to catch up, but he is now over the 50th percentile in both height and weight, and such a smart little guy!  Without a doubt, Mother's Gold (along with your professional recommendations) is what made his recovery possible.  After only hours of having taken the herbs, my milk supply begain to increase.  Within a couple of weeks I knew all would be good - my milk supply was back, my little guy was gaining weight, and I was then able to focus on how to help with his discomforts.

God places people in our life at the perfect time.  Perpetual prayers of thanksgiving for you, Amelia.

By Rebecca in Waukesha, Wisconsin