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Galactic Gold Herbal Products was founded by Amelia Schendel, registered dietitian nutritionist, International Board Certified Lactation Consultant, Master Herbalist, and mother of two exclusively breastfed children.

Amelia has worked in the field of maternal child health for 34 years, with a special emphasis in human lactation for the past 31 years.

She graduated from the University of California Berkeley with a Bachelor of Science degree in Nutrition and Clinical Dietetics. Later on, she pursued the study of herbs and gave birth to her son, a happily breastfed baby boy. Fertility, pregnancy, and lactation are areas of expertise that Amelia has used a holistic approach with, and has had great success. She also has many years of experience helping people achieve optimal health through nutrition, herbs, and various natural methods.

In the 1990’s, she was asked by lactation consultants to help mothers struggling with a low milk supply and who were trying to keep infants exclusively breastfeeding without having to supplement with artificial baby milk (formula). Some of these infants were suffering from inadequate weight gain, others were not getting enough milk from their mothers, and still others were fussy and did not appear to be satisfied.

Amelia then began to design an herbal blend that would support lactation. Using historical and observational data, including her own personal experience, she formulated Mother’s Gold.

Amelia has supported and promoted breastfeeding throughout her career by working with various non-profit, educational, hospital, and government institutions. She has encouraged them to adopt breastfeeding-friendly practices; provide lactation support services free of charge to low-income women; and provide breastfeeding training to health care providers, nurses, community workers, childcare providers, and other members in the community.

Her vision and mission is to inspire, empower, and support women so that they can successfully breastfeed their children.

Mother’s Gold is one of her many contributions toward this end.

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γάλα  (gála)  n

  1. milk
  2. milky sap
  3. the Milky Way galaxy

Galactic comes from the Greek word “gala,” which means milk.

The term “gold standard” indicates the best, most reliable or most prestigious thing of its type.

Breastfeeding is the gold standard to which other infant feeding methods are compared.

The mission of Galactic Gold Herbal Products is to support women so their babies can be nourished with their very own liquid gold “gala.”

Mother’s Gold is our contribution towards this end! Enjoy your baby!