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So I started using Galactic Gold because my little one started to gain less weight.  She was gaining 0-3 ounces per week and should be gaining 4-5!  After 2 weeks of using the galactic gold (probably after a week or even the next day of using!) I noticed my milk was creamier, a lot creamier!  And the next days after my baby ate I would express milk like normal and instead of one ounce I got three!!!  And intead of having a little fat on top and the rest be watery it was the opposite!  The top part was all creamy and only a little water on the bottom.  Best part is the first week she gained 3 ounces and the second week 4.5 ounces!!  Who hoo and the second best part is that dad now thinks galactic gold is a good idea, when before he was hesitant because of the price.  Now to see how my milk does when my aunt flow visits!  I will report back!  Thank you Amelia for this product.  It is gentle and does not upsset my tummy or my babies tummy and I love that it is okay to stop this product if and when necessary by slowly decreasing.  For now I will continue to use as directed and continue to watch our little one grow big and strong!


Nevada City, California

Mother’s Gold has worked wonders for me! I didn’t necessarily have a problem with milk production for nursing, but I wasn’t making any extra. As a working mother, I wanted to build up my stash for when I returned to work. Mother’s Gold gave me an additional 1-2 ounces per pump! It’s allowing me to gradually build up my stash without having to pump extra! My baby is starting to eat more and I’m not worried about keeping up with that either! My husband and I both noticed that my milk has a much thicker fat layer on it as well! Thank you Mother’s Gold!!”  Thank you Amelia! This is a great product and I am recommending it to all of my mother friends.


Oakland, California

Wow! Milk production has definitely gone up and been significantly higher at each pumping session.  The top layer becomes so thick it looks like ice cream!  I’ve been raving about Mother’s Gold to all my new mommy friends across the country!


Napa, California

As my son approached 6 months of age, I started to notice that he no longer felt satisfied at the breast.  He would get upset and tugged at the breast.  I tried an herbal product that seemed to increase my milk slightly.  After not achieving the results that my son and I needed, I decided to get Mother’s Gold.  Within two days of taking the product my milk had increased to the point where my son seemed content and satisfied.  He even had breast milk all over his face.

Lorena Cardenas

Breastfeeding Peer Counselor, Sacramento, California

My son was not gaining weight and my milk supply was no more than a few drops. Shortly after he was born, I knew that there was something wrong. He was in great discomfort so that he would not nurse.  The formulas only made it worse. I knew I had to get my milk supply ASAP.  I tried everything!  Nobody/nothing seemed to help.  I was in despair.  One lactation consultant finally made mention of Mother’s Gold.  After only hours of taking the herbs, my milk supply began to increase.  Within a couple of weeks, I knew that all would be good – my milk supply was back, my little guy was gaining weight.  Today he is a little over 2 years old and doing well.  Without a doubt, Mother’s Gold (along with your professional recommendations) is what made his recovery possible.


Waukesha, Wisconsin

Galactic Gold Herbal Products (Mother’s Gold) helped me to breastfeed my baby.  I would tell any mother that’s trying to nurse her baby that I love it!


Hayward, California

I’m a working mother with an 8 month old baby. I noticed overtime that she slept less and less and was less satiated. I took 2 or 3 different versions of fenugreek type supplements but I still wasn’t getting the results.  I was so stressed.  I finally decided that I needed some sort of prescription medication so I called the doctor.  But my Kaiser lactation consultant convinced me to try mother’s gold.  She told me how effective Mother’s Gold was.  I was desperate so I went and bought a couple of bottles.  I was shocked.  The bottles arrived the next day.  I took my first teaspoon and within 3-4 hours I felt my breasts fill up.  I can’t believe this natural remedy can yield such instant results. I am no longer stressed and my baby is again satisfied.

Ingrid Yen

Lafayette, California

It’s such a satisfying feeling to see the milk dripping out of the mouths of my baby twins and to know they are growing and thriving on breast milk alone. Mother’s Gold  made all the difference. It produced amazing results without any side effects. It was worth every penny.

Sandra Nelson

Wilton, California

When my daughter turned 4 months old, I was working full time  and in spite of pumping regularly, my milk supply decreased. I also took herbs but this did not make a difference for me, until I was told about Mother’s Gold.  About 2-3 days after taking the drops, I noticed an increase of up to one ounce per breast. At that point I knew that I was taking ‘the best of the best.’ I would recommend this product to anyone who is having a low milk supply and who wants to increase it.

Nery Alvarez

Breastfeeding Peer Counselor, Sacramento California

Time after time I have seen mothers increase their milk supply by using Mother’s Gold, thus being able to stay exclusively breastfeeding and not having to supplement with formula at all. I have always said that nobody is ever going to sell me on a product. It is the mothers who are the judges of whether something works or not. Mothers who use Mother’s Gold have shared with me their excitement in seeing their milk supply increase. As to the cost of this high quality herbal blend, my experience has been that low-income women view this as a priority and purchase Mother’s Gold.

Cynthia Bastian, IBCLC, LVN

Sierra Lactation, Pilot Hill, California

It had always been my desire to exclusively breastfeed my baby. After she was born, I produced tons and tons of milk, to the point of having over 200 ounces in the freezer for an emergency by the time she was only 3 months old. But a few weeks later my period resumed, and instantly my milk supply plummeted. Literally overnight my milk production decreased by 70%. All of a sudden I was producing only 30% of what I had been all along, and it was clearly not enough to satisfy my growing baby.

Not wanting to supplement with formula, I looked to herbal remedies. I tried 4 others before trying Mother’s Gold. In just 2 days with Mother’s Gold I saw a huge increase in my milk production, and within a week, my milk supply was back up to 100%. I had just about used up all my freezer milk, and was so grateful that Mother’s Gold worked so well and allowed me to continue exclusively breastfeeding my baby.”


Lincoln, California

I had twins earlier this year and had always intended to breastfeed my babies.  In the hospital, everybody thought my babies were getting enough to eat.  Within a few days though it became clear that we were not doing great, my poor babies were so hungry!  I pumped and I fed them, and I pumped and I fed them, but my supply was just not increasing enough.  Finally my lactation consultant suggested I try Mother’s Gold. On the first day, I noticed a dramatic improvement in my pumping volume!  And even more rewarding, when my babies were breastfeeding, I could hear them gulping and see milk at the corners of their mouths!  After a few weeks I had built my supply up enough to eliminate all formula from their diet!  Breast feeding is such an emotional journey, and when you feel like you are failing at it, or your body is failing you it is so disheartening.  This product helped my body to provide the nourishment my babies needed and helped me to feel good about it.  Thank you Amelia!

Anne Marie

El Dorado, California

I have a female dog name Frida. Last February, she had 4 puppies and she didn’t have any milk to feed them. I decided to buy the puppies formula and a bottle to feed them, but they didn’t like the milk and unfortunately, two of the puppies died. After that, I saw that the other two puppies looked sick. I decided to give Mother’s Gold to my dog Frida. After the second day, I noticed that Frida started having a lot of milk and the puppies were eating a lot. Thankfully, this product helped my dog, otherwise my other two puppies would have died.

Juana Barajas

Bay Area, California

After exclusively breastfeeding 4 children for 2 plus years I never thought I would have trouble nursing my 5th baby. I am a certified lactation consultant educator and ofcourse things like this is not supposed to happen to me ! Well it did! I came back to work and was pumping for my baby and not producing enough milk for her. I went to my boss, an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant, and she recommended Mother’s Gold. I noticed a difference within 24 hours of nursing and pumping! I am very grateful for this product.  It has worked wonders for me and my baby!

Maribel Ruiz

Stockton, California

I have carried many products in my store claiming to increase milk supply, but Mother’s Gold is amazing. My clients claim quick results, and I am pleased to sell a product that is reliable.

Lori Rumsey

Owner of Mother and Baby Source, Davis, California

I just delivered a baby girl, Abigale, on April 6 and have struggled to have a sufficient milk supply. I have just enough milk for her to breastfeed exclusively, but she is a small and very sleepy baby.  I started taking your product last Wednesday and when I went back for a weight check yesterday, I learned my baby gained 6 ounces! Needless to say, I am one happy momma!  I have attached 2 pictures to show you our progress. The first is the amount of fat content I have after taking your supplement. I had to pump so I could really “see it to believe it!” The 2nd picture is my happy baby girl after her 2am feeding (notice the milk on her chin? :).

Kristie Rider

Stockton, California

I breastfed confidently for 3 ½ months, having a great milk supply. When I returned to work, due to stress, my milk supply became half of what it was. I began to supplement my baby’s bottles with half formula. I tried several different herbs and teas to increase my milk supply, but they either didn’t help me or I had a bad reaction to them. My mother is an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant, and she told me about an herbal supplement called Mother’s Gold. I began to take the Mother’s Gold, and within 3-4 days my milk supply began to come back. About a week later, I was back to pumping almost as much milk as I was before I had supply issues. I was able to send bottles containing only breast milk to day care. The formula became a “just in case” measure, not a “must have” measure.


Sacramento, California

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