Why Liquid  Extracts?

Liquid herbal extracts are preferred because they are easily and quickly digested and absorbed. Dr. A.B. Howard shares with us that: “herbal extracts are not concentrates, but dilutions. This is just like the dilution you make when you put a tea bag into a cup of hot water. When you make a dilution, like a tea, you have a water extract of an herb and this is very easy to digest, much easier than eating the contents of the tea bag.”

Dr. Howard continues: “When the extract is kept in the liquid solution for 2-4 weeks, we get far more out of an herb than if a capsule of powdered herb is in the body soaking for 8-24 hours. Alcohol is used because it readily dissolves all of the oily, waxy, enzyme and hormonal portions of an herb. Water alone cannot do this. In this way, we get everything the herb has to offer, to build better health naturally.”

Also, when you take encapsulated herbs or teas, you don’t know how old the herbs are, how long they were sitting on a shelf at a store or the warehouse before it was sent out for distribution. With time, these powdered herbs lose their potency and are not as effective. You do not have this problem with alcohol based herbal tinctures, as long as they are not stored in direct sunlight.

As good as liquid herbal extracts are, Galactic Gold Herbal Products has taken herbal blends to a higher level by ensuring that an extra step is taken in the manufacturing process. Galactic Gold Herbal Products are made with water and grain neutral spirits (a natural alcohol) to extract the nutrients from the plants but at the end of the process, the alcohol is removed and replaced with glycerin and honey. Mothers do not have to worry about the alcohol and at the same time, this also makes our tincture taste good and ensures a top-quality product.

You can take it like a syrup, or mix it in warm water like a tea, or mix it in juice! Mothers and lactation consultants have reported excellent results and are pleased with the taste! Taste and you will see!

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