Fertility Package


Many couples have had success with this four-month supply of herbs and dietary supplements that nourish and balance the reproductive system and increase fertility.  Package contains: 5 bottles (4 oz) containing liquid extracts of Crampbark/False Unicorn Root, 5 bottles (4 oz) containing liquid extract of Damiana, 8 bottles (100 capsules each) of FCS (Female Corrective System blend) with Lobelia, 1 bottle of Zinc (25 mg 150 tablets), 2 bottles of Vitamin E with Selenium 400 IU (60 softgel capsules).


There are herbs that people have taken throughout the centuries to increase fertility, and many have found them to be very helpful.  Once on this protocol, many women have achieved pregnancy in anywhere from 1-12 months.

1. False Unicorn Root and Crampbark 

This herbal combination is very good for correcting impotence, stopping miscarriage, promoting fertility, nourishing reproductive systems for those who desire to have children, and encouraging easy labor.

“The late, esteemed Dr. John Raymond Christopher states barring chemical or drug contaminations, ‘Within one year of use, the child will be here or you will be selecting names.’  Taken by prospective mother, if after 4 months nothing is on the way, then please have prospective father take also.  After conception for mother, 40 drops/day to prevent further difficulty.  Corrects male and female reproductive organs.  Prevents miscarriage and stops threatening miscarriage.  This combination is a most valuable formulation for correction of all types of female as well as male disorders of genito-urinary areas as well as the kidney and liver problems.”  Dr. A.B. Howard, Herbal Extracts, Build Better Health With Liquid Herbs, The Blue Goose Press, 2005

Take 40 drops/day 3 times a day

2. Damiana 

Another herb that is good for men and women.  Assists with fertility.  It also tones and strengthens the nervous and hormonal systems.  Take  by prospective mother about 40 drops 3 times per day.

3. Vitamin E 400 IU with Selenium 

Take 400 IU/day (1 softgel per day) by prospective mother and father.

4. Zinc

Have prospective father take daily.  Probably about 25 mg/day (1 tablet per day)

5. FCS-II with Lobelia 

Take 2 capsules three times a day. This combination cleans and nourishes the female reproductive system. Also  cleanses the liver.  Helps regulate menstrual cycle and get ovulation going.

6. Make sure your spine is aligned (chiropractor) and don’t wear high heels as this can all cause a tipped uterus which in turn causes infertility.

7. A vegetarian diet is always helpful (include DHA rich sources or supplement and Vit D too).

“It is important to know how the body works during pregnancy.  If there is something wrong, the body works to attempt to eradicate its own mistakes.  A miscarriage will then occur to expel what is there and try again.  The herbs will not prevent a miscarriage due to this reason…” Dr. Howard’s Research Library